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Science Debates in Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy, and History of Science and Religion:
Singular, Devil's Advocate Views  V S .   Prevailing Established Views


The  A c a d e m i a   E x c h a n g e
The Rational Unified Theory Of Nature

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Science Forum of Debates

Science Debates in Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy, and
History of Science and Religion
Singular, Devil's Advocate Views VS. Prevailing, Established Views

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Welcome to our Science Forum of Debates. Here, we present rational challenges to the accepted and prevailing scientific views and theories of

Natural Sciences
Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology);
History of Science and Religion;
Philosophy of Science, Nature, and Religion; and of
Science's Impact on Society, Culture, and Religion.

to be squared and debated against the establishment.

 All challenges presented herein, regardless of the topic involved, have one common denominator, namely that they are based exclusively on Rational Thinking.   Beliefs, speculations, or analogies of any sort have no place in the realm of arguments and challenges to be presented here.

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