E d i t o r ' s   W a r n i n g :   This article contains explicit descriptions of various physical phenomena with vivid refutations of various popular ideas, concepts and theories using Rational Thinking and only Rational Thinking, which may not be suitable for all readers. Discretion in reading, viewing, digesting and absorbing this material is advised.


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A r t i c l e 's  T r a c i n g   D a t a :

Field: Quantum Mechanics
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

Type: Initial Stirring
Category: Issue Responsiv

Round of Debate: Zero
Side: Stirring View

A Critical Examination of Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle as a Law of Nature and as a Foundational Pillar of Quantum Mechanics

Anonymous (Code AA050144-552)

Original Date: Jan. 22, 1999
Published Date: Jan. 27, 1999

Revised Date:

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